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Your already aware something is wrong, nothing to lose in making contact.

Confidentiality, your rights. Cost, cancellation, fill in the form (name, phone, email, subject, message, send copy to yourself, email or phone must be valid.

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Services available

  • Individual counselling
  • Couple counselling

…in addition to counselling;

  • Group settings.
  • Help with court orders, bail applications, bail conditions support and referral.
  • Help with finding other effective support facilities as necessary such as Whanau/family support, alternate therapists, different counselling approaches, day/residential rehab and more.
  • Helpful support around critical personal choices and all other possible options during the most difficult times.


Your rights

You have the…

Right to be treated with respect throughout the entire counselling relationship.

Right to non-discrimination, coercion, harassment, or exploitation.

Right to dignity and independence.

Right to services of a professional and helpful standard.

Right to be the main author of your counselling process and to put aside what does not feel ok and to focus on what you feel is important.

Right to make an informed choice about your counselling sessions, to refuse to answer any questions, to re-direct your session as you see fit.

Right to refuse permission for any note taking during sessions and afterwards.

Right to access all information including any session notes and to disagree and correct any information you disagree with.

Right to a support person, in and out of sessions.

Right to complain about me face to face and/or privately and access to the information on how to do so effectively.


POLITE NOTE: Complaints are an important and effective means of feedback for a client to safely voice any issues or dissatisfaction at all, no matter how “big or small” and as such are encouraged and welcomed. Counsellors are people too… and may make a mistake or two along the way without actually knowing so.