Welcome to Simply Counselling New Zealand

Simply Counselling is exactly that. A simple can-do counselling service available when and how you need it.

We use a new and fresh approach to helping people which and has been thoughtfully created with the client in mind and in response to local community needs in West Auckland also accessible in Auckland CBD.

Anyone in need of immediate support can call, leave a message on the website which will email me or they can choose to just text.

A 24/7 service is available (conditions apply) for all clients who are currently actively engaged in the counselling process with Simply Counselling.

Subject to agreement between client and counsellor there is a sliding scale session fee available to help accommodate anyone who may be on a budget. Simply Counselling does not believe that any person’s financial circumstances should ever be an obstacle to get in the way of receiving counselling services.

In the event of after hours support being unavailable, there are lots of other useful information and helpful tools listed under Resources.